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How Cosmetic Dentistry Works for You

Mar 27, 2017


How Cosmetic Dentistry Works for You

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  • For those who live in the greater Teaneck, New Jersey area, finding the right dentist Teaneck residents trust means more than someone who can take x-rays, fill cavities, and clean teeth. Your Teaneck dental professional should offer cosmetic dental services that helps improve your smile which may take years off your appearance.

    By taking advantage of their services, you can brighten your smile, replace missing teeth, and cover any cracks or gaps that otherwise take away from your appearance. Plus, their services will help strengthen your teeth so they stay looking brighter, longer.

    Cosmetic Dentist Teaneck Services

    There are several cosmetic dental services your dentist in Teaneck provides designed to improve your teeth and brighten your smile. You should consult with the dentist first to see which ones are right for your needs. Such services are often combined with standard ones provided by the dentist to help keep your teeth strong.

    Teeth Whitening: The most obvious of all the services is teeth whitening. Unlike consumer products that you use at home, your Teaneck dentist will use professional strength products that work far better and brighten your smile to a much greater degree in less time. Whether you choose to have the teeth whitening performed in the office or with take-home products, you will get significantly better results with what they offer.

    Crowns: A ceramic crown is used to cover a tooth that has been broken, chipped, or where there is space around the tooth that needs to be filled. Once put in place, the crown has the same appearance as a normal tooth and will be indistinguishable. Plus, it offers good strength and durability so it will last for a long time.

    Veneers and Cosmetic Bonding: Veneers are applied to the front of the teeth and remove the imperfections that affect your smile. By the cosmetic bonding process, a layer of dental bonding covers and restores the front of your teeth. The restoration itself appears natural and will take years off your appearance.

    Bridges: If you have a missing tooth or teeth that have been badly damaged, a bridge may be the answer. A dental bridge can replace one or more teeth that are missing which results in a restoration of your smile. Dental bridges have been used for decades and they work quite well in restoring the appearance of teeth.

    Implants: This is a permanent option to replace missing teeth. The implant is attached to the bone underneath so that a tooth can be anchored to the top. Once the procedure is complete, the tooth will have the appearance and durability of your natural teeth. This solution has grown in popularity in recent years with your Teaneck dentist being able to perform the procedure.

    For those in need of a cosmetic dentist Teaneck residents can trust, you should be sure that they perform all restoration procedures so you can have the best choice. This is why the cosmetic dentist Teaneck NJ region offers the right services to meet your needs at prices that are affordable.