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Being on time for your Dental appointment

Apr 1, 2017


Being on time for your Dental appointment

Being on time for a dental appointment is one of life’s little struggles that can become quite important if you are running late. Your Teaneck dentist is usually booked during the day which means that rescheduling your appointment may be days or longer depending on their schedule. This is why working with your Teaneck dental office is important so that you get your treatment on-time and on-schedule.

The good news is that there are a few steps you can take to ensure that your appointment with the dentist Teaneck NJ residents trust is kept properly.

Schedule a Time that Works for You

Most appointments that are missed happen because they are inconvenient for the patient to make. Either because it is too early in the morning or the patient is too far away from the office to reach it on time. So, if you normally sleep past 8am, you do not want to schedule an appointment for that time unless you have no other choice. Try to schedule an appointment that works with your sleep or driving schedule so that it becomes natural for you to remember it.

Consider the Location

Where is your Teaneck dental office located? That is an important question when it comes to where you happen to be before the appointment is due. Quite often, people who live near the dental office will schedule a time when they are further away, such as at work. This means a greater chance of missing your appointment, so be sure to schedule a time that puts you as near the office as possible.

Rush Hour Traffic

You should always schedule a time that avoids rush hour traffic. Consider your location and where the dental office is when making your appointment so that you will know quickly whether you’ll be hitting the rush hour. Mid-morning and mid-afternoon appointments are generally the best in missing the worst traffic situations.

Saturday Appointments

There is no rush hour on Saturday and you may not have to miss any work by choosing this day. If you are tied up during the week, then having your appointment on Saturday can solve quite a few problems. It’s one reason why more dentists are opening their offices on Saturday so they can provide their services for those who are too busy otherwise.

If it appears that you are going to miss your appointment, call the office as soon as you know. By doing so, it may be possible to reschedule for that day so or at least set another time that is better for you. At least you are providing the courtesy to the staff of the dental office that you cannot make it for your appointment.

In the end, keeping your Teaneck dentist appointment requires a combination of timing, location, and a little determination so that you can ensure prompt arrival. This means that your Teaneck dental appointment is kept and that you avoid having to reschedule your visit or treatment to another date. Be sure to go over all options with your dentist Teaneck NJ residents trust so that you arrive on-time.