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Dental Health and Safety

Your optimal dental care is of utmost importance to us. To that end, we strongly believe in the power of preventative oral care with regular cleanings and early diagnosis of oral issues. By scheduling regular visits and practicing good dental hygiene at home, you increase the chances of maintaining a healthy, beautiful smile for many years to come.

According to the American Dental Association (ADA), a checkup is recommended every six months, or a minimum of twice a year. This is the first line of defense in protecting your teeth and preventing oral abnormalities from forming.

When attending a routine checkup, you will receive a deep cleaning that removes plaque buildup and screens for cavities, as well as prevents tooth decay. Our team will also assess, on a per-patient basis, whether you would benefit from a fluoride treatment which coats the teeth with a protective layer that helps maintain its strength and health.

On an annual or bi-annual basis, you will receive X-rays which provide the highest rate of success in detecting more severe oral issues, as well as jaw problems and periodontal disease.

Whenever an issue is discovered, either through an X-ray or through our cleaning process, our dedicated staff will assist you in discussing your treatment options to ensure your comfort until an optimal resolution is achieved. We offer a full range of treatment plans to address any dental difficulty, from a cavity which requires a simple filling, to a more complex problem, which might need a crown, root canal, implant or further oral restoration.

Whether your visit is a fast and straightforward checkup or an intricate restorative transformation, we look forward to greeting you and shaping the perfect, tailor-made dental experience that will meet your needs and enhance your smile.

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