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Dental Implants

Apr 17, 2017


Dental Implants

If you are missing teeth and are looking for a more permanent solution compared to traditional dentures, dental implants just might be the answer. Your trusted Teaneck NJ dentist offers the service of having implants placed in the gums so that you can regain your smile.

How Dental Implants Work

The implants themselves start with titanium posts that are planted into the gums and attached to the bone which provides a stable platform. Once the posts are in place, the new teeth can be placed on the posts to restore the natural appearance of your smile. Keep in mind that this is a permanent procedure where the posts are directly fused to the jawbone so that they remain stable and in place, even when eating.

There are two types of implants;

Endosteal: Surgically implanted to the jawbone, once the gums heal, a second surgery connects the post to the implant. Then, an artificial tooth is put on the post.

Subpoeriosteal: This is metal frame that is attached to the jawbone. When the gums heal, the posts that are attached to the frame protrude up through the gum line so the artificial teeth can be attached.

This form of tooth replacement offers advantages over traditional bridges and dentures because it really adds new teeth to your mouth that sit in place just like your natural teeth once did. Individual crowns can be placed over the implants just like natural teeth as well. This means that you can eat, smile, and speak with confidence as your new teeth remain in place.

Cannot come loose

Treat like normal teeth

Not anchored to other teeth like bridges

You can replace a single tooth or most of your teeth using the implant process. What is required is that you have healthy gums and adequate bone material that will support the implants. It’s possible that a bone graft might be required to expand the base and provide more stability. For upper teeth, a sinus lift might be required depending on the location of the new teeth.

Why Use Dental Implants?

There are several reasons why your trusted Teaneck NJ dentist might prefer implants over bridges, dentures, or other forms of tooth replacement. For many people, dentures and bridges will simply not work or be uncomfortable due to the overall shape of the mouth, sore spots that develop, or bad ridges that prevent solid contact.

Bridges are often attached to teeth on opposite sides of the gap which means that they will need to be prepared. The implant procedure means that no other teeth need to be prepared or ground into shape like with bridges. All that is needed is adequate bone structure and healthy gums to support the posts that will be placed.

You will take care of your new teeth just like your natural ones with an emphasis on improving gum health and keeping them clean so that they last for a long time. You will need regular visits to the dentist to maintain good oral hygiene and this form of tooth replacement is more expensive than bridges or dentures, but it is worth it for most people as it provides a permanent solution.