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Basic rules for healthy teeth – Dentist Teaneck

Jan 19, 2016

Basic rules for healthy teeth – Dentist Teaneck

Basic rules for healthy teeth – Dentist Teaneck

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Caries is a disease in which gradual destruction is carried out on hard tissues of the tooth, with the result that there is formed a cavity. It makes teeth not only ugly, but causes pain and causes unpleasant sensations. Moreover, it can cause the development of more dangerous diseases.
It is known that caries today suffers 90% of the world population. In some countries this figure reaches 100.

A curious fact is that the Eskimos and residents of the southern regions of the Pamir not familiar with this disease. The reasons for this are not yet known.
But what can we do to keep our teeth healthy?

Rule 1: Hygiene

Dentists constant repetition that regular proper oral care is a pledge of healthy teeth. Practice shows that the daily care of teeth and gums reduce the need for professional treatment by 75-80%. And the key is not only the quality of the brush and toothpaste, and the whole complex of measures for oral hygiene which must be performed every day carefully brushing at least twice daily cleaning of the spaces between them and the lip cavity after eating (floss, rinse, chewing gum), regularly attend dentist.

Rule 2: Nutrition

For “anti-caries” nutrition are two important factors: complete food frequency and moderate carbohydrate.
In normal for most people 3-4 meals a day have to accept products from four major groups: bread, milk, meat and fruit and vegetables.
For peculiar teeth cleaning can be used raw apples, carrots and other hard fruits and vegetables.
Try wise to consume food rich in carbohydrates, which is a risk factor for caries.
Calcium is the basic building material of the teeth. It is found in large amounts in nuts, vegetables with green, milk and milk products.

Rule 3: The temperature of food

or too hot food is bad for your teeth. Moreover damages sudden change in temperature of the products because it causes the formation of microscopic cracks on the enamel of the tooth.

Rule 4: Caring for your gums

Attention that besides the teeth should be paid and gums present more in the writings of physicians of Antiquity and the Middle Ages. For example, according to the Koran teeth should be rinsed five times every day and be clean depending on their pollution and the occurrence of troublesome spirit of mouth.
The lining of the gums protects the mouth from germs and requires special care. Bleeding and inflammation of the gums is one of common causes of bad breath and loose teeth.
Poor oral hygiene, smoking, specifics of foods, and lack of vitamins can cause unpleasant gum disease.

Rule 5: Fluoride

It is necessary trace element for our teeth. Today the market there are many preparations that contain a large amount of fluoride: toothpaste, multivitamin complexes, elixirs, chewing gum.
It should not be forgotten that too large amount of fluorine as much harm to the body as its shortage.

Rule 6: Regular examination by a dentist

This is another bet for healthy teeth. Professional cleaning performed by the dentist removes the scales (this can not be achieved with brush and toothpaste at home) if caries is detected in time, the easier it will be prevented its development.
Furthermore, the dentist is able to give you advice on toothpaste and other means suitable just for you