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Tips Toward Good Oral Health

Brush your teeth twice a day and Floss once a day.  It’s a habit you don’t want to break!

Hydrate! Water is good for your health and for your teeth!

  • Water is zero-calorie, washes away your last meal, and keeps your mouth from getting dry. Water with fluoride, or nature’s cavity fighter, will actually strengthen your teeth and keep your smile bright and healthy.

Snack smarter! Limiting the added sugar in your afternoon snack is good for your health and your teeth. Juice and soda are loaded with sugar and can cause tooth decay, especially in children.
And don’t forget about the texture of your snacks.  Raisins and fruit snacks will stick to your teeth for long periods of time, along with the sugar they come with.  Stick to fruits and veggies, lean protein or nuts, and dairy products to help those pearly whites.


Why you have bad breath…

BACTERIA: It’s living in your mouth, growing by eating what you do, and leaving a nasty smelling waste behind!  Plaque is a sticky, cavity causing bacteria that leads to gum disease!

DRY MOUTH: if you’re dehydrated, your mouth won’t make enough saliva, your natural mouth cleaner. Dry mouth may also be caused by certain medications or breathing through your mouth.

FOOD: Coffee, onions, garlic… they all linger.

SMOKING: tobacco stains your teeth, increases your risk for gum disease, and limits your ability to taste and smell—so you may not even be aware of your bad breath!



..and how you can fix it:

Brush your teeth twice a day and Floss once a day.  This will help get rid of all the bacteria between your teeth and prevent plaque from building up.

Use mouthwash to help kill bacteria left behind after brushing and flossing.

Hydrate! Water will help keep saliva flowing and saliva is a natural cavity fighter, providing calcium, fluoride, and other disease fighting substances.

Visit your dentist! There’s only so much you can do on your own, your dentist will help you maintain your oral health and detect any problems before they get too serious.  See our list of featured dentists in the area to schedule your next appointment!