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Sedation Dentistry, The Most Relaxing Dental Experience

Apr 24, 2017


Sedation Dentistry, The Most Relaxing Dental Experience

If you are one who does not look forward to visiting your Teaneck dentist because the very thought of having treatments performed, then sedation dentistry may be right for you. Around the country, many people enjoy the benefits of this form of dentistry which provides effective relaxation so the necessary treatments can be performed while you stay calm, cool, and relaxed.

This is not to be confused with local anesthesia where the area of the mouth that will be worked on is numbed. This is a form of dentistry where the medications are also designed to relax the patient.

How Sedation Dentistry Works

This type of dentistry uses medications to help patients become more comfortable and relaxed during dental procedures. For the most part, patients remain awake during most procedures under sedation dentistry, even though it is sometimes referred to as “sleep dentistry”. However, there are some dentists who will put their patients under general anesthesia as part of the treatment process.

There are different levels of this form of dentistry which means that you may be fully awake and relaxed down to a deep sleep where you are totally unconscious.

Minimum: Awake and relaxed

Moderate: Deeper form of sedation, you may slur your words

Deep: The edge of consciousness, but can be easily awakened

Under General Anesthesia: In a deep sleep

You and your Teaneck dentist can work out which form will be best for you and for the procedure that you are undergoing.

Minimal Sedation: Here, you will breathe in a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen which will help you to relax and feel more comfortable. Because the effects fade away quickly once you are no longer breathing in the gas, this is the only form of sedation dentistry where you can safely drive yourself from the dental office.

Oral Sedation: Here, you take a pill which may be Halcion, part of the Valium family of drugs that will put you in a state of drowsiness and help you feel more relaxed. However, you will still be awake and alert. A stronger pill may be required which provides you with a more moderate sedation. This will make you groggy and you might fall asleep during the procedure, although you can be easily awakened after completion.

IV: Instead of having a pill, you can instead have an IV inserted into a vein which provides sedation quickly and lets the Teaneck dentist adjust the amount so that you can remain relaxed and comfortable. This method does provide far greater control compared to oral sedation products.

Deep Sedation: This is where you will be given enough sedation to put you to sleep and remain so during the entire procedure. Because you are placed in a deep sleep, it will be difficult to wake you until after the procedure is over, the anesthesia wears off and in some cases when the medication is reversed with more medication to wake you up.

If you are someone that feels anxiety and dread at visiting your local dentist, then sedation dentistry may be the answer. Check with your Teaneck dentist to see what options they can provide for this form of dentistry.